110 Years of Looking Ahead and Making Impact

Wednesday 20 November 2019 at Hannes Snellman in Stockholm


We are delighted to invite you to join us in celebrating 110 years of looking ahead and making an impact. To celebrate our 110th anniversary, we have arranged a half day packed with interesting speakers, inspiring art exhibitions, and great food.

Date & Time: Wednesday 20 November 2019 from 1:00 pm.

Please register for the event by 25 October 2019 via the registration button above.


1:00 pm Lunch and Networking at Hannes Snellman
2:00 pm Keynote Speech by Therése Lennehag, Head of Sustainability, EQT
3:30 pm Boat Transfer to Fotografiska
4:00 pm Arrival to Fotografiska
4:15 pm Guided Tour at Fotografiska
5:00 pm Drinks and snacks
5:30 pm Keynote Speech by Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Prime Minister, 2006–2014
6:10 pm Dinner at Fotografiska
After dinner Drinks and mingle for those who wants to join


Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Prime Minister, 2006–2014

Fredrik Reinfeldt has been active in Swedish and international politics for over 25 years. As a party leader and Swedish prime minister, he reinvented the Moderate Party (centre-right) and formed a four-party alliance that won two successive elections.

Having been a member of the European Council for eight years and its president for six months, he has an extensive international network. In February 2016, he was elected as chair to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The EITI is an international coalition of stakeholders working together to promote open and accountable management of natural resources.

In March 2016, Fredrik was appointed as a senior advisor to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

He also hosted a TV interview series in 2016 and 2017 called Toppmötet (The Summit), including interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and Jens Stoltenberg.

Therése Lennehag, Head of Sustainability, EQT

Therése Lennehag has been the head of sustainability at EQT since 2014. Since joining EQT Partners in 2009, she has worked closely with the organisation on integrating responsible investment and ownership practices to capture the investment and business opportunities the sustainability agenda offers.

Therése has also been involved in Invest Europe’s Professional Standards Committee (2011–2014), contributing to the development of the Invest Europe Professional Standards Handbook, and she is a member of Invest Europe’s Responsible Investment Roundtable (Chair 2013–2014). Therése is also a member of the board of directors of EPER, the large private equity platform of Invest Europe.

Her other experience prior to joining EQT Partners includes investment banking at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley in London. Therése holds a M.Sc. in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Lunch and Networking at Hannes Snellman

Lunch will be served by Jens Dolk, one of the owners of K-märkt. K-märkt’s restaurants are based on a principle of reducing food waste, and their motto is “We fight food waste”. They use unique methods in operating their seven restaurants, cafes, and event venues sustainably. For example, there is no menu at all; the restaurants only offer a “chef’s special”. By not promising what to serve, they can take advantage of the resources available at each time. The chefs are creative in the kitchen and passionate about making a difference. By serving great sustainable food, they make an impact on both our health and the soil.

Fotografiska – The Museum

Fotografiska is an international meeting place where everything revolves around photography. Located in the heart of Stockholm, the museum has an exhibition space of 2,500 square metres and features four major exhibitions and approximately 15 to 20 minor exhibitions per year. Fotografiska’s exhibitions are among the city’s most popular attractions.

Exhibitions are the foundation of Fotografiska. Their ambition is to exhibit world-renowned photographers, many of whom have never been shown in Sweden, as well as those who are not that established yet. Since their grand opening on 20 May 2010, they have shown legends like Annie Leibovitz and David LaChapelle as well as new photographers like Nick Brandt, Helena Blomqvist, Klara Kallstrom, and Johan Wik.

Exhibitions at Fotografiska

Lu Yang: Delusional Mandala
Yang creates virtual pieces that take inspiration from icons of youth culture, which is permeated by questions surrounding neuroscience and the body’s chemical reactions, and even by religious ideas surrounding suffering and condemnation.

Christian Houge: Residence of Impermanence
Houge’s work forms a message rooted in the now antiquated concepts of colonialism, twinned with a questioning of the overexploitation of Earth’s resources. And, unfortunately, the latter remains an urgent issue.

Jimmy Nelson: Homage to Humanity
For over 30 years, Dutch-British photographer Jimmy Nelson has visited and photographed iconic cultures all across our planet.

Fotografiska – The Restaurant

Fotografiska’s food and drink philosophy, under the signature of their culinary creator Paul Svensson and his team, constantly pushes the boundaries and creates as much taste sensation as heightened consciousness. In the new conscious kitchen, the produce is always in focus. In their organic plant-based kitchen, they extract maximum flavour from the produce by using as much as they can and wasting as little as possible. This is how sustainable dining is made possible.

Paul Svensson

Paul Svensson is one of Sweden’s star chefs with almost two decades of experience as a chef and creative leader for Bon Lloc, Fredsgatan 12, and Fotografiska – the world’s best museum restaurant 2017.

He has also distinguished himself with fifth place in the 2003 Chef World Cup, Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, where the world’s best chefs meet in competition. He is also the founder of ReTaste, a restaurant that uses raw produce that would otherwise be wasted.

Paul Svensson also works as a professional educator and lecturer in the restaurant industry and business. His subjects are sustainable enjoyment, a green food philosophy, food of the future, and zero waste.

Crispy morning run

We would also like to invite you to a crispy morning run held the day after our 110 anniversary celebrations on Thursday 21 November 2019. Led by Partner Pontus Ewerlöf, we will run a scenic route along the Stockholm coastline. Beginner runners are also welcome and we will adjust the pace as needed. We will start at 7:30 a.m. from Hotel Diplomat where we will also enjoy a refreshing breakfast afterwards.

If you would like to register for the event, please contact Josefine Möllersten (josefine.mollersten@hannessnellman.com).



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